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My name is Darian Cartharn, I am the owner and creator of the "It Was Written Brand". Here is an insert from the About Us Page to briefly introduce us to the World. "In my life I have accomplished many dreams. Being a professional athlete on the world stage , becoming an entrepreneur, and travelling countless countries and cities throughout the world. But what I’m most proud of is my story. Our story! We are an athleisure, streetwear, story-telling brand stapled in Columbus, Ohio. My main objective for “It Was Written” is to inspire and tell individual stories, through luxury clothing and products, with a collective idea, “Success in your life is already Written”. Our brand is based on faith, belief, hope, and the will to win. 

What makes us unique is our business model. Bundled with certain product purchases, is a personal true story, that only I can tell. Each story is our way of giving back to the customer and will consist of a variety of elements all pertaining to overcoming some sort of obstacle to reach a goal or to inform the masses. I believe that the battle we all are fighting is already won, and the story already written. My question to you is this; If you knew you could not fail, no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it seems, what would you accomplish?


This is the concept and mindset behind the brand. What "could" you accomplish if you knew that you could not fail? What "would" you accomplish if you knew that you could not fail? I am a firm believer in most of the things that we want in life is right on the other side fear! Without fear, there is a certainty about life, our choices, our actions, and our beliefs. The biggest thing I've come to recognize about fear is that it derives from the anxieties of the unknown, uncertainty, and disbelief. Here at "It Was Written", we aim to aide in building the confidence and faith that comes with reaching your God given purpose and your individual dreams. In my lifetime, I have overcome so many trials and tribulations that the average mind doesn't have the will to overcome. Through my experience, there is one underlining factor, UNWAVERING FAITH!

To begin, let's break down the meaning of the verb "Waver" to fully understand what the adjective unwavering truly means in all its essence. Waver: "to shake with a quivering motion, to become unsteady or unreliable, and to be undecided between two opinions or courses of action." These are all of the things that you do not want to be while in pursuit of your goals.

To be unwavering, we need to be the complete opposite and become steady and resolute. Exhibiting behaviors such as, "resolved, firm, steadfast, decided, unfluctuating, unhesitating, unfaltering, tireless, persistent, relentless, unrelenting, and sustained".

Now lets break down the meaning of Faith. The definition of faith that I live by is this; Faith is "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". Thus meaning that your faith alone represents a tangible physical thing. Though, not yet seen, but nonetheless it exists, and your faith is the evidence of that existence. To activate this faith, one must have vision in his heart and in his eyes. Vision that can see past circumstance, and vision that can override the presence of fear.

Therefore in order to experience unwavering faith, one needs to be steadfast, fully decided, without hesitation about their action with belief to bring your vision, thoughts, and ideas into the world. Thus, creating the life that you intend to live. This is the foundation of "IT WAS WRITTEN".

It Was Written,

Darian Cartharn

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